The Journey to Joining Ashling Partners: Challenge, Change & Opportunity.

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Automation, Future of Work

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James Wilson, Advisory, Finance & Accounting at Ashling Partners

My Journey to Intelligent Automation

Ashling Partners has always placed importance on growth through thought leadership and education. With this mindset, Ashling has built out the Advisory Group, of which I am ecstatic to be a part. Words that come to mind when I think about my career are change, challenge & opportunity. All these concepts highly influenced and informed my decision to join Ashling Partners and focus my work on Intelligent Automation. During this blog, I will be discussing the journey that led me here today and the themes that motivated me throughout my career.  

Challenge, Change, and Opportunities

Throughout my career, I sought out these three facets of everyday activity to give me purpose. I was fortunate enough to find my way into accounting after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Instead of going the traditional big four route, I went directly into corporate accounting. I moved to the Bay Area and began chasing the hub of technology. While the company was not a typical Bay Area tech company, it provided me a playground to challenge what it meant to be an accountant, change the established processes, and give me many opportunities to grow.  

With the mindset that I would rather invest time upfront, I consistently streamlined my work rather than continue doing tedious, low-value work that was abundant in the accounting space. This led to an opportunity to lead the RTR business team in an SAP FI/CO implementation. That experience changed me into an accounting professional that could bridge the gaps between technology and accounting & finance. From there, I challenged myself to continue implementing and enhancing the accounting and finance technology for the larger accounting team, which included our consolidation and planning module, accounting tools for account recons, SEC filings, and others.  

As my company embarked on a plan to centralize much of the transactional accounting function, we learned of RPA which was popular in the shared services spaces, and quickly realized the opportunity. We added UiPath, ABBYY, and K2 to our tool belt and gained a strong understanding of how automation would change and improve the future of finance. Seeking a new challenge (and wishing to relocate closer to my family after the year of virtual holidays), I wanted to focus on the hyperautomation space. I saw no better place to be than with Ashling Partners

Onwards and Upwards with Intelligent Automation

I look forward to continuing my work with the Ashling team and with the partners and clients we assist along the way. I hope to bring my experience to the table with the goal of helping those on their journey realize the benefits of intelligent automation in the accounting and finance industry.  

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