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Drive Efficiency and Productivity by Leveraging Process Automation


Automating accounts payable activities drives operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Minimize manual work around reconciliation, invoice validation, and issuing payments.

Reduce invoice processing costs, enhance compliance, and minimize errors.

Automating Accounts Payable Processes

Automating accounts payable drives operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. You can reduce processing time, capture missing term discounts, and avoid the need to hire more resources. End-to-end automation is applicable from processing through payment.

This process delivers vast benefits for workers and organizations. Operations are more efficient and less labor-intensive, enabling your employees to be more productive and satisfied because they are performing more meaningful work.

Automation can reduce costs associated with processes. Applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for invoice processing can take a manual process of 28-30 days costing $15 to $25 per invoice and shorten it to a two-day process at only $1 to $2 an invoice.

You can also enhance compliance, minimize errors, and identify insights. In addition, it’s easier to scale and audit with automation.

Reduce error-prone manual processes.

Enable employees to be more strategic and analytical.

Quickly process large amounts of data and documents.

Improve cash flow with spend analysis.

Streamline data pulled from multiple platforms.

Proactively prepare for internal and external audits.

Accounts Payable Processes You Can Automate

Accounts payable processes can improve with RPA and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). RPA uses digital robots that can emulate repetitive human activities, such as keystrokes, system navigation, identification and extraction of data, and other actions.

IPA combines RPA with Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as computer vision, cognitive automation, and Machine Learning. It expands the possibilities of what you can automate.

Invoice and Payment Processing
Eliminate errors, ensure data isn’t missing, and validate charges.

Vendor Contract Management
Aggregate and centralize data to avoid missing payments and renewals.

Minimize manual reviews to maximize accuracy and save time.

Document-Heavy Tasks
Use bots to extract data from screens and documents to reduce the burden on workers.

Audit Trails and Transaction History
Leverage bots to collect and integrate data to streamline compliance.

Spend Analysis for Forecasting
Improve cash flow and overall financial health with analysis and insights.

Reduce Accounts Payable Process Costs by up to 92%.

The End-to-End Automation Suite for Accounts Payable

Automation fits in the payable lifecycle. By partnering with Ashling Partners, you’ll receive:

  • Discovery and assessment of what solutions fit your environment and needs
  • The value proposition for the automation suite
  • RPA-based executions for unattended and attended bots that assist humans and systems
  • Orchestration tooling for coordinated processes and decision-making
  • Database and file storage for reporting and file caching requirements
  • Logs for tracking and process intelligence support
  • Continuous improvement/continuous delivery (CI/CD), testing, and quality control
  • Support and maintenance for your processes

Our experts will help you navigate the accounts payable automation path, starting with invoicing, then moving upstream to purchase order processing and vendor review and then downstream into payments.

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Leverage the Power of Intelligent Automation to Improve Accounts Payable

The need to respond to internal and external expectations means your accounts payable processes must be strategic and modernized. The best course of action is Intelligent Automation (IA). When you leverage the power of IA, you’ll infuse traditional operations with new energy, gaining cost savings and a competitive edge.

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