Process Mining

Visualize the Digital Footprints of Workflows and Improve Them with Process Mining

Process mining takes an empirical approach to create visuals from transaction data to understand all components of a process. From there, you can identify ways to improve it and hit your operational efficiency goals.

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What Is Process Mining and How Does It Work?

Process mining includes analyzing logfile data and tracking business and IT processes. It uses existing data within your information systems to display the reality of the process, not the expectation. As a result, you have clarity around the “true” steps of a process, the time each takes, and the business context.

With this visual representation, you can identify gaps between ideal and actual states. Some gaps will present challenges requiring further analysis, only solvable with changes to people, processes, and technology. However, many of those gaps represent opportunities to deploy automation.

What Is Process Mining?

What Can You Do with Process Mining?

Process mining applies to many processes, including manufacturing, logistics, supply chains, accounting, and IT.

  • Understand a process from end to end in current and legacy systems.
  • Enable data-driven decision-making.
  • Standardize and streamline processes.
  • Improve performance management.
  • Identify automation opportunities to eliminate unnecessary steps, and reduce costs and resource needs.
  • Resolve bottlenecks in every process.

 What Are the Benefits of Process Mining?

Process mining is critical in developing automation strategies that help you achieve operational efficiency and digital transformation goals. Almost 80 percent of companies that automate concur that process mining was key to their successful deployment. Other benefits of using this framework include:

  • Get a complete view of processes across the enterprise efficiently
  • Understand the facts.
  • Uncover the culprits in processes that are the true bottlenecks.
  • Monitor processes and measure improvements continuously.
  • Obtain an audit trail on processes to satisfy any compliance requirements.

All these advantages are within reach when you understand each process and leverage automation to improve them. When you get to this state, you’re more likely to hit operational efficiency objectives.

Process Mining in Action

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