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Ashling Partners, the leading US-based Advanced Process Intelligence and RPA services firm, announces the founding of the ‘Ashling Partners Intelligent Process Automation Network- A Builder’s Community’.

Due to demand from both clients and technical RPA resources, Ashling Partners will act as community organizers for this invitation-only network.

“Our intention is to contribute to the development of the RPA and IPA communities by providing a forum for the best and the brightest in the ever-evolvoing RPA space. We have had an overflow of job inquiries, and while we are adding to our growing team, we cannot hire every single person. The least we can do is to foster a community focused on education and networking, and to the lifelong learners within Process Automation,” said co-founder Marshall Sied.

For more information on ‘Ashling Partners’ Intelligent Process Automation Network- A Builder’s Community’, please contact info@ashlingpartners.com, or submit a request here.