Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ashling Partners Don Sweeney made his Forbes Council debut with his blog “Creating Win-Win Scenarios with Process Automation.”

As part of the invitation-only Forbes Chicago Business Council, Sweeney contributes his expertise on artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA) to the Forbes community blog.


Refuting the Bots vs. Humans Argument

In the blog, Sweeney recognizes the fear and apprehension associated with artificial intelligence and RPA. Many believe that automating processes is equivalent to removing jobs from the workplace. Sweeney disagrees, stating that “embracing automation and learning how to ease your company’s transition to more automated roles is key to a win-win scenario.”

Sweeney then goes on to support his claim, insisting that automation is not a win-lose scenario, pitting robots against humans, where only one will end up with a job. Instead, Sweeney believes automation should benefit companys’ employees, not replace them, by taking over mundane tasks. This way, employees can become more engaged in meaningful work for the business.


Expanding your Robotic Process Automation Knowledge

Robotic process automation is not the apocalyptic robot takeover many believe it to be. This fear stems from a lack of understanding of RPA and its applications within the workforce.

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You can read Sweeney’s Forbes blog in full here.