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Transform your Business the Ashling Way

The Ashling Way

Business Outcome Driven  |  Agile & Sustainable  Fixed Cost Predictability  |  Transparent Engagement

We Educate

RPA awareness is the foundation to a business outcome driven intelligent automation journey.


Market Briefing

We can present an outside-in perspective on the current state of RPA to assist with your enterprise’s approach based on our market experience and thought leadership.


We provide working sessions to help enterprises understand the risk and opportunities associated RPA presents as it relates to their industry, size, and complexity

Process Prioritization

We conduct ideation sessions to provide a brainstorm wave of automation candidates to be further analyzed. We leverage our patented Ashling Automation Prioritization toolkit to ensure the right automation use cases are selected in the right order


Business Case

After RPA awareness is provided and high-level process prioritization is conducting via ideation sessions, we help organizations select high-level automation candidates that tie to business outcomes. These outcomes are used to develop business cases for funding and sequencing


Process Discovery

We leverage an agile, modern approach to process discovery. Our process and supporting technology allows for both process discovery and process improvement

Proof of Concept Pilot Lab

Known as Ashling Labs, we work with you to create a proof of concept of the technologies and overall solution in a limited scope. This helps your organization better visualize and understand the value of process automation


We provide 3rd-party data to help you understand and quantify where you compare to your peers as well as measure the value of what gains will mean to your organization

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We Prepare for Scale

Careful selection of a pilot process, rapid prototyping and formalizing a CoE provide standards around governance, automation selection, resourcing and funding.

Business Use Case Development

We prioritize and target select use cases and define key success metrics for targeted engagements that can be repeated with other use cases and business processes

Program Charter & Roadmap

We leverage Business Use Cases to create program charters and detailed road maps to ensure proactive communication and collaboration while identifying risk

Software Selection

Whether you are evaluating pure-play software solutions or a hybrid approach to RPA with a BPO partner, we know the leading RPA providers, and have our own software selection process to ensure that you are selecting the right provider for the right purpose

Governance & Change Management

We stress governance and change management throughout the life of our engagements. We provide you with standards and principles for our engagement, as well as future considerations for sustainability as your RPA environment evolves

We Build it to Scale

With a foundation of standards and processes in place, agile development waves can begin.


Leverage our world-class developers to build your automations with speed and enterprise-grade scale. Our development team has on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore models to provide you with options and a global delivery model. This includes our ‘Build-as-a-Service’ bundles based on complexity and volume

Citizen Development

As the low-code movement evolves and more power business users obtain enough skills to build their own automations, we help define the role and standards for citizen developers. We also provide the necessary ongoing support via our ‘Citizen DEV Bar’ service


Starting with initial design, we advise on reference architecture for your pilot, beyond your pilot with High Availability and DR in mind, and set you up to enable cloud services. This includes installation of software, and the ongoing production support needed to ensure bots don’t fail often, and when they do, we are there to help


Security & Compliance

Education is required to ensure that security and internal controls/audit are a part of the process. We help drive this education, provide advisory around security standards, credential management, and audit reporting


Continuous process improvement should be the mindset of your intelligent automation and RPA program. Process analytics are a key capability as the program scales. We advise and implement key reporting needs related to environment health, utilization, and business outcomes

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We Make It Sustainable

Strategy around internal training, process analytics and ongoing support and maintenance must now be a focus.

Organizational Design

We provide recommendations to the structure of your organization. This includes Center of Excellence Formulation and Talent Maps

Standards & Governance

We provide a repeatable governance framework to leverage beyond the specific use case engagement to ensure compliance, rules, and standards are in place for all Bots

Automation Prioritization

We provide a framework to capture, rank, and submit funding for prioritized automations based on experience-learned process attributes

Infrastructure & Cloud

We provide a phased approach for your infrastructure that includes reference architectures, cloud options, and contingency plans for the unknown. This includes Disaster recovery and human backup processes


We provide a vision for the future in order for your organization to evolve into the technology and future priorities

Value to the Enterprise

Our approach drives key performance indicators to validate a meaningful ROI attached to overall organizational goals.

Cost Reduction & Margin Expansion

Automate manual, menial tasks that require limited brainpower or thought

Improve Performance

Allow for RPA to do what it does best- execute on linear tasks with high accuracy, speed, and quality


Risk Mitigation

Lower risk associated with a reduced reliance on outsourcing partners. Identify & address risks created by human error and/or process bottlenecks

Spark Innovation

Allow knowledge workers to focus on more innovative and creative projects and tasks

Prepare for the Future

Address the aging population & pending talent gap by augmenting the workforce with automation technology

Test and Learn

Experiment with a menial, manual business process. Institutionalize your knowledge. Discover and rationalize for new process opportunities