Our Process

Ashling Partners works with leading technologies in the RPA and intelligent automation markets.The result is a more efficient, agile, and engaged workforce and a business-outcome driven company.

Our experience helping companies scale intelligent automation for improved outcomes has led us to define the 4 A’s of Ashling: Advisory, Automation, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence as the guide for all our engagements.


Our advisory team of automation experts assess your current state processes and provide industry and process-based benchmarks. We also help with ideation workshops to ensure we have generated the right use cases for automation. To prioritize the opportunities, we perform Value Engineering based on process and/or industry, determining effort vs. reward, and create a roadmap across people, process and technologies. We can also set up your automation COE for scale throughout your organization


We create the process and solution design for each automation. We then develop the code using our agile methodology. Testing cycles and iterative feedback loops ensure that the end product is what the business desires. We can monitor and support the automations from there. We provide a flexibility of engagement models that allows us to fully handle the lifecyle or to blend with our clients’ teams.


Ashling builds analytics and dashboards from your automation log data. We then use that data to drive process improvements by analyzing trends. We also leverage analytical solutions like Process Mining to uncover additional areas for continuous improvement and/or automation opportunities within your operations. We then layer in service-line level automations for business leaders that want a more specfic narrative.

Artificial Intelligence

As leaders in intelligent automation and targeted AI focused on business outcomes, Ashling Partners assists companies in using AI for vision recognition, speech recognition, decision making, and natural language processing.

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