How Inventory Management Helped Santa Save Christmas

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Automation

It was a few days before Christmas, and the elves at the North Pole were in a frenzy. The elves were frantically trying to finish making all the toys in time for Christmas, but there were so many orders to fill and not enough time to do it.

The head elf, Ashling, noticed that the workshop’s inventory management process was outdated and inefficient. “Team, when was the last time we took a look at our inventory management process? I bet there is a better way to optimize our inventory.”

“Do you think you can find a solution to help us fill the order in time for Christmas?” said Sparkle the elf to Ashling.

“Sparkle, I am going to try my best, as all the children of the world cannot be disappointed this Christmas,” said Ashing.

Ashling quickly went to work researching, testing, updating the existing system, and trying to map out how to organize the inventory and streamline the toy-making process. After about an hour of this, which feels like days in elf time, an idea finally sparked in his head.

“What if I leverage intelligent automation, mixing RPA, AI, and DU together to create a streamlined digital inventory management optimization process,” Ashling said to himself. Ashling didn’t want to say anything to the rest of the elves just yet, until a solution was finalized.

Ashling continued to work hard in creating an inventory management optimization solution by waddling up to the group of busy business stakeholders and listening to their pain points and frustrations, one was rubbing his sore feet. “Oh, I see,” Ashling exclaimed, before pulling out old notes and revising executive targets. “We can make this work! Let me grab my toolbelt (Ashling reached down for their Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) and mix in a little magic!”  Ashling dove headfirst into Santa’s bag and grabbed some Super Task Automator’s, as well as a Magic Document Reader, and some Naughty Child Trackers.)

“Everyone gather around, I think I have the solution on how to optimize our inventory management, and finish making all the toys in time for Christmas!” Ashling exclaimed.

Hooray Hooray! Cheers filled the workshop floor as all the elves were ecstatic over the news.

“What is all the commotion? Is everything ok over here?” Santa asked the elves as he entered the workshop.

“Santa, Santa, Ashling came up with a solution to help make all the toys in time for Christmas,” said Sparkle the elf to Santa.

“What great news, I would love to hear the details,” said Santa. “Ashling, can you share with the workshop?”

“Absolutely, I am excited to tell you all about our new North Pole Inventory Management Solution,” Ashling said with a smile that stretched elf ear to elf ear. “So, I used the Super Task Automator’s (also known as RPA) to automate the end-to-end process and stitch everything together. Previously, every Elf had to walk through our factory and look at every shelf to see inventory levels. But now, we automatically ramp up production when stock gets low to make sure the shelves stay full so that gifts can be delivered on time. We did that by setting up our Naughty Child Trackers (also known as IoT Sensors) for every item and communicating the status back to our Super Task Automator’s, who work 24/7 while we kick up our little feet. We used the Magic Document Reader (also known as a Custom ML Model) to extract the data from Nice Children lists while identifying Naughty Children and automatically mailing a stack of coal. We then drop all that cheerful data into our database to track how our inventory fluctuates during seasonality spikes year over year. We can then ramp up production in advance of spikes in demand using historical analysis and spend even less time waiting for production! The best part? Santa’s executive target to reduce overall operating costs by 10% is on track, as our automation impact analysis shows that the elves won’t wear out their shoes frantically running around checking the shelves – and we won’t have to order as many little elf boots. It turns out, when the elves aren’t running around checking inventory, they can improve other areas of production and keep those shelves stocked.”

“Congratulations, Ashling, this sounds like a banner plan! Let’s get to started and save Christmas for all the children around the world,” Santa announced to Ashing the other elves.

Ashling lead the other elves in diligently implementing the new solution.

Thanks to Ashling’s hard work and expertise in intelligent automation, the elves were able to finish making all the toys on time. Santa was able to deliver them to all the good boys and girls around the world, and Christmas was saved.

From that day on, the workshop ran smoothly and efficiently, thanks to Ashling’s dedication and skill. And every Christmas, Ashling’s name was mentioned with admiration and gratitude by all the elves and Santa himself.

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