Feature: Industry Report: Automation and the Manufacturing Workforce

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Public Relations

Article Publish Date: October 4, 2022

Article Abstract:

A concerted federal push and snarled overseas supply chains are boosting manufacturing in the U.S. in a time of economic uncertainty.

Automation is a key to the comeback. A tech-savvier manufacturing workforce is a parallel need.

Generally, manufacturers are ahead of the curve, but there is plenty of low-hanging fruit to harvest. Many contract manufacturers have recognized bottlenecks tied to administration, not manufacturing, and strived to automate business processes in tandem with the factory floor.

“Administrivia” overload

Ashling Partners is focused solely on process improvement via intelligent automation. The Chicago-based “global boutique” has locations in both Texas and California.

Ashling is the Gaelic word for “vision,” and there’s a reason for that. “We felt that the vision that people have had is finally coming to fruition through a consolidation of things like RPA, BPA, OCR — the alphabet soup that makes up this space,” says co-founder Don Sweeney.

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