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Automation Is an Opportunity

The pace of technology adoption and innovation continues to accelerate. In such a dynamic environment, businesses must balance profitability with growth, deliver an engaging consumer experience, and achieve operational efficiency. Intelligent automation represents an opportunity to reach these goals.

With this key strategy, organizations can turn scarcity into abundance using intelligent automation. Any company’s three most scarce resources are time, people, and data.

Time: Allow Digital Bots to Take on the Mundane, Repetitive Tasks That Strain Labor.

People: Use Automation Technology to Complement Your Workers to Accomplish More Without Headcount Costs.

Data: Leverage This Valuable Asset to Solve Complex Challenges and Enable Rapid Acceleration of Automation.

Reduce Costs. Empower Employees and Customers. Optimize End-to-End Processes.

Infographic: The State of Automation in 2024

Ashling Partners surveyed companies leveraging Intelligent Automation (IA) programs, and consolidated the most impactful findings into our annual State of Automation infographic.

Discover how organizations across industries and verticals are unleashing the true power of Intelligent Automation in 2024 with this interactive resource.

Automation Technologies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Enable attended RPA to help employees accomplish tasks so they’re more productive. Leverage unattended RPA, allowing bots to execute end-to-end processes. With these tools, you’ll achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Elevate RPA by combining it with AI and machine learning to improve end-to-end processes, optimize decision-making, overcome process bottlenecks, and improve customer and employee experiences.

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Visualize your process flow using data from your systems to understand them better. Then streamline, automate, and accelerate those processes.

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Document Understanding

Enable automatic reading and processing of documents with the power of RPA, AI, and machine learning. Organize and identify data, classify documents, extract data, validate accuracy, and export information.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Directly impact how you compete and meet customer expectations. AI is a critical tool for integrations and automation and the key to making your data more powerful and actionable.

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Machine Learning (ML)

Enable systems that can identify patterns, learn from your data, and make decisions based on those learnings with minimal human intervention, allowing your employees to spend their time on more meaningful work.

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Automation for Every Industry

Automation delivers the missing piece for many verticals looking to gain a competitive edge. A successful automation path includes process optimization and effective integration of hybrid workforces into a cohesive business. Inefficiencies and the demands of the modern workforce require intelligent automation to gain an advantage.

manufacturing automation


Eliminate manual intervention and decrease cycle time when creating bills of materials, reduce operational downtime in inventory management, and increase speed when onboarding drivers.

healthcare automation


Avoid incorrect discharge statuses and missing referrals; boost efficiency with preauthorization, order management, and provider enrollment; and improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

energy automation


Decrease wait times for emergency routing and dispatch, enhance customer onboarding efficiency, and automate predictive maintenance cycles.

financial services intelligent automation

Financial Services

Lower costs of processing invoices, reduce mistakes in sales and use tax filing, and onboard customers quickly with fewer errors and better risk detection.

financial services intelligent automation

Business Services

Mitigate risk and prevent compliance issues, expand employee data and feedback collection, and streamline payroll and HR support.

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