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Demand for intelligent automation is on an increasingly high trajectory. Time to market velocity is key to delivering meaningful outcomes. You need an experiences partner to plan your process design, build your automation, and run a successful program that drives change.

Your Journey Starts Here

Day 1 Client: Our company is interested in starting an automation program but needs help in creating and executing on a plan.

Day 2 Client: We launched and implemented our automation program, built some use cases; but realize now that we need an experienced partner to help us scale.

We empower organizations’ employees to drive efficiency and perform more meaningful work by leveraging intelligent automation and targeted AI.


Improve desired outcomes through efficiency, reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction, and gain a competitive business advantage with RPA

RPA in Manufacturing & Distribution

RPA in Healthcare

RPA in Banking & Financial Services

RPA for Business Services


The foundation for the Future of Work and essential to business survival

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Business Process Management (BPM)

Low Code

Process Mining

Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (ML)

Intelligent Automation

Driving efficiency gains and business process improvements through Intelligent Automation

Utilize RPA to eliminate error-prone repetitive tasks

Automate business processes and use AI to influence or make decisions

Reduce human error

Use AI-powered chatbots to overcome process bottlenecks

Improve customer experience with beautiful apps and faster turnaround times

Improve employee engagement, moral, and overall retention rate

Process Mining

Visualize your process flow using data to streamline and increase speed

Manufacturing processes

Logistics processes

Supply chain processes

Account payable/receivable processes

IT service management processes

Document Understanding

Automatically read and process everyday documents with RPA, AI, and ML

Taxonomy; organize and identify data

Classify the document

Extract data using AI, OCR and ML

Assign confidence score and validate to ensure accuracy

Export information and complete

2022 Automation Survey Results

View the animated infographic showing results of our 2022 Intelligent Automation survey.

Hyperautomation and RPA Case Studies demonstrate how Intelligent Automation can help your business.

Claims processing

Automating the insurance claims process by leveraging RPA resulting in increased accuracy and reduced cost.

Patient registration and scheduling

Intelligent automation expedites the patient intake process, optimizes existing workflows and increases provider capacity.

RPA in Real Estate Impacts Bottom Line

Chicago based property management and commercial real estate company was able to realize significant gains through robotic process automation in the lender statement management process.

Improved Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

With the help of Ashling Partners, this fortune 100 agricultural cooperative is able to utilize intelligent automation solutions to decrease manual entry time and increase overall efficiency.

Ashling Partners is one of the largest Intelligent Automation service providers in North America.

Relentlessly focused on business outcomes and the orchestration of the many evolving capabilities within hyperautomation.


We educate and empower you on your Intelligent Automation journey.


Continuously innovating in an ever-evolving space.


We’ll guide and lead you to success within your program and organization.

Outcome driven

We focus on defining, measuring & driving business value for your organization.

Our Mission

We want to provide meaningful work for our employees while driving real value for our clients in a sustainable and continuous improvement manner. While doing so, we strive to continually build a positive, appreciative and fun culture for our organization.

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