Sponsored by Ashling Partner, UiPath, K2 and ABBYY

September 25th, 2019 | 1-5pm CT

Location: Microsoft Technology Center- 200 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601

***This event is at capacity.  Please reach out to marshall.sied@ashlingpartners.com for further options.***

Intelligent automation is the great enabler of digital business models.  However, there is confusion amongst business and technology leaders around what technologies make up the Intelligent Automation capability, how best to sequence & deploy these technologies, and how to continuously review and improve upon this capability in an orchestrated manner to create ongoing innovation and improvements.

Join the top software and service providers in the industry to demystify the components needed to turn an Intelligent Automation capability into a transformational journey

Speakers & Agenda

Keynote: 1:00-1:30pm | Ashling Partners | The Need for Speed…and Orchestration

Abstract: Any single technology meant to help drive productivity & effectiveness thru automation will fall short of business outcomes without a more holistic, orchestrated approach.  We will kick off the day with a discussion about the current market adoption of automation technologies, and the challenges that we must overcome in order to recognize the business benefits that were promised to us. Real world experiences, Intelligent Automation maturity and the ‘last mile of automation’ will be discussed.  We will also discuss the ‘Intelligent Automation Flywheel’ in order to help you re-invent your approach

Dan Mahlebashian Dan is was the Global Business Services & Chief Contracting Officer at General Motors.  He helped start and scale the global shared services functions across business processes leveraging RPA and broader intelligent automation as a key enabler.

Marshall Sied Marshall has 15 years of experience in helping organizations use technology to improve business performance and promote positive, innovative changes to their workforce. He is the co-founder of Ashling Partners, a technology-enabled services firm that drives efficiency gains and business process improvement through Intelligent Automation including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), BPM, Data Capture, and Machine Learning.

1st Speaker: 1:30-2:15pm | UiPath | Leveraging a Connected Ecosystem through Enterprise RPA to create business value with intelligent automation

Abstract: We will explore the Automation First Mindset of Enterprise RPA and provide an overview of how it will define & transform the future of work that drives business value using intelligent automation by leveraging a connected ecosystem of the latest AI technologies & RPA together.  

Nathan Welch Strategic and customer-focused technology professional with over 15 years of successful experience guiding strategy for the full life-cycle of technology products and program applications with successes in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting digital transformation software solutions for diverse clients.  Currently leading a team of RPA professionals defining the digital workforce of tomorrow by enabling RPA implementations for some of the world’s largest companies.  Nathan is responsible for empowering UiPath customers to achieve business value and significant ROI for their digital workforce by maximizing the adoption, self-sufficiency and business outcomes of their RPA & UiPath software investments through proven deployment methodology and strategic guidance.

2nd Speaker: 2:15- 3:00pm | K2 | Controlling the Chaos via Workflow Orchestration

Abstract: We’ll discuss how K2 can be used to orchestrate AI, RPA, and humans together into a holistic solution – without writing code!  Specifically, we will show different scenarios where a workflow may be needed to wrangle AI and RPA, and also discuss how we can integrate with these providers using our SmartObject technology.  Towards the end, we’ll see just how much time you can save when combining ABBYY, UiPath, and K2 together to implement a truly intelligent solution around Invoice Processing.

David Kroll David is a Senior Technical Specialist at K2, he loves diving into cutting-edge technology and aligning it to practical use-cases.  He has 10 years of experience automating processes with K2’s DPA platform.  A few of the processes David has helped digitize include:  Manufacturing Change Management, Factory Shipping Requests, Master Data Management, Internal Auditing, Invoice Processing, and Capital Expenditures – each one delivering tremendous value and time-savings across the organization.

Break:  3:00-3:15pm

3rd Speaker: 3:15-4:00pm | ABBYY | Know Your Process and Its Content, Then Automate It

Abstract: Enterprise Automation appears to be witnessing a renaissance, fueled directly by a new urgency of Digital Transformation and RPA adoption.  Unfortunately, many of these initiatives are struggling to deliver on their promise because their sponsors do not have a clear understanding of, or even the ability to discover their processes and the content that fuels them.  How do you know which processes to automate?  Do you know how content is actually working in your processes? Automation starts with knowing your processes and their content, which identifies the best opportunities to change them.  

Reginald Twigg, Ph.D., Director of Product Marketing for Data Capture, ABBYY Coming from a research background in Language and Communication Theory, the speaker has been in Enterprise Software for the past two decades. Focusing on automating document processing with emerging technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI, ML), he has led their introduction into Document Imaging and Capture while at FileNet and IBM, later UnitedHealth Group.  Now he manages the Intelligent Document Processing and Data Capture business at ABBYY.

Client Panel: 4:00-4:45pm | Lessons for your peers in the intelligent automation journey

Abstract: We will open the day up to an interactive discussion with individuals that represent Intelligent Automation programs at large organizations who have had both successes and lessons learned in orchestrating automation.  There will be a varying degree of adoption, maturity, and technologies deployed to achieve outcomes across the panel.  This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you may have for those that are living the orchestration discussed.

Sarah Stokes  |  Medline  | Director – Finance/AP

James Wilson | Core-mark  |  Financial Systems lead, Intelligent Automation program Lead

Dan Mahlebashian  |   Former Global Business Services Executive & Chief Contract Officer,  General Motors