December 4th, 2019 | 2-4pm

Location: Microsoft Office | 665 Grand Ave. Des Moines, IA

Intelligent automation is the great enabler of digital business models.  However, there is confusion amongst business and technology leaders around what technologies make up the Intelligent Automation capability, how best to sequence & deploy these technologies, and how to continuously review and improve upon this capability in an orchestrated manner to create ongoing innovation and improvements.

Hear from Microsoft, K2, Ashling Partners & UiPath on how intelligent automation can be orchestrated to provide end-to-end process efficiency.


2:00 pm Welcome/Opening Remarks

2:00-2:35 pm  Microsoft | Industry 4.0: The Digital Excellence 

Abstract: In this talk, Kay will cover key success factors and real-world solutions of Industry 4.0 that she’s experienced from working in the field with the manufactures. Industry 4.0 is essentially a new approach in manufacturing that makes use of the latest technological inventions and innovations, particularly in information and communication technology.  Industry 4.0 involves the use of advancements in communication and information technology to increase the degree of automation and digitization of production, manufacturing and industrial processes. The ultimate goal is to manage the entire value chain process, by improving efficiencies in the production process and coming up with products and services that are of superior quality. The outcome is the factory of the future, and it is envisioned to be one that operates with unmatched efficiency, where all processes are performed and conducted seamlessly and smoothly.

Speaker: Kay Apperson, Ph.D., US Manufacturing Technology Strategist Microsoft.

Kay Apperson is the US Manufacturing Technology Strategist from Microsoft where she leads the Industry 4.0 initiatives for the top US manufacturers from the AI hybrid cloud perspective. As a data scientist, an architect, and an industry strategist, she works alongside manufacturing customers and Microsoft partners to materialize cutting edge AI and IoT technologies to gain ROIs, become more Lean, improve worker safety, and have a 360-view of the processes, production, and products. She believes in data and the 3D approach to always engage the right people, process, and technology in every successful project she’s delivered.   

Kay came to Microsoft as an award-wining, trained, and experienced data scientist. Her proven track record includes improving 2 billion dollars in cash reserve for an insurance organization, leading a major update on an R&D data system of a Fortune 250 biochemical firm, and building a research informatics system that supports world leading scientists within the Harvard University hospital system where she served as a researcher and faculty at Harvard Medical School. In her academia years prior, she graduated more than 20 master’s degree students and advised a few PhD candidates in Computer Science. She has a B.A. in Economics, M.A. in Applied Statistics, M.S. in Computer Science, and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science where one of her research areas was industrial engineering plant floor optimization using association rule mining.

2:35-3:00 pm Ashling Partners | Orchestrated Automation for the Manufacturing Industry

Donald Sweeney, co-founder of Ashling PartnersAbstract: We will discuss the value for automation in the manufacturing industry, specific use cases and tools being used and how to get started. This presentation will focus on the details of the automation journey and the action items required to start and scale automation solutions.

Speaker: Donald Sweeney, Co-founder of Ashling Partners.

3:00-3:25 pm UiPath | Automation First Mindset of Enterprise RPA

Abstract: We will explore the Automation First Mindset of Enterprise RPA and provide an overview of how it will define & transform the future of work that drives business value using intelligent automation by leveraging a connected ecosystem of the latest AI technologies & RPA together. We will drill into what RPA is, how it works, and why an orchestrated approach is important for the manufacturing industry.

Speaker: Dave Kleist. Dave is Lead Presales Technical Consultant in the North Central division for UiPath.    His role at UiPath is to provide guidance, information, and vision for what an RPA solution will bring to UiPath’s customers.  Dave’s experiences as an author, educator, and consultant enhance his ability to provide the insights needed for customers to understand how to envision and define a successful RPA implementation.

He has been working with software and services to businesses for more than 25 years, working for companies like Adaytum, Cognos, Anaplan, and SPS Commerce in a variety of roles.

3:25-3:50 pm  K2 | Controlling the Chaos via Workflow Orchestration

Abstract: We’ll discuss how K2 can be used to orchestrate AI, RPA, and humans together into a holistic solution – without writing code!  Specifically, we will show different scenarios where a workflow may be needed to wrangle AI and RPA, and also discuss how we can integrate with these providers using our SmartObject technology.  Towards the end, we’ll see just how much time you can save when combining ABBYY, UiPath, and K2 together to implement a truly intelligent solution around Invoice Processing.

Speaker: Eugene van Rensburg, VP Global Channel Business Development at K2, an industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience helps businesses deliver market growth and return on investment by leveraging cloud content services with Intelligent Process Automation (RPA/DPA) solutions.  Eugene takes pride in uncovering new methodologies as to how businesses, during their digital transformation journey, can merge IT and business users to achieve increased productivity and added scalability within their organization. 

3:50-4:00 pm Customer Insights | Casey’s General Stores, Inc.

Speaker: Liat Kinard, Sr. Software Engineer at Casey’s General Stores, Inc. Her role on the Collaboration team is to work with departments streamlining and improving business processes with low-code/no code solutions through various platforms. Liat leverages her personal experience as an end user to provide the balance between what is good for the user versus what is right for IT.

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