Intelligent Automation Focused Innovation Hub Opens in TechTown, Detroit

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automotive Industry, Innovation Hub, Manufacturing

Hyperautomation is happening now for companies across Michigan, facilitated by the TechTown, Detroit based Innovation Hub and Ashling Partners, process automation consulting firm.

[Detroit, MI, February 18, 2020] — TechTown Detroit, a place for startups to thrive and grow, is now home for a new Innovation Hub. Started by global intelligent process automation consulting firm, Ashling Partners, the Hub will be a “safe” place for people and companies to experiment, make mistakes and explore new ideas related to hyperautomation.

“We are excited to welcome Ashling Partners to our community,” said Ned Staebler, president and CEO of TechTown. “With TechTown’s leadership in Detroit’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and Ashling Partners’ leadership in intelligent automation, it’s a perfect fit.”

The Intelligent Automation Innovation Hub was formed to drive new, innovative ideas in the area of process automation and improvement to specific industries, including Michigan based companies like Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and FCA (to name a few) who are always looking to deliver better products more efficiently.

“The automotive industry has always been on the front of innovation. From the creation of the assembly process, to quality assurance programs, to robotic manufacturing automation, and supply chain management breakthroughs, what better place to bring the next evolution to Intelligent Automation. It’s time to get the back office processes up to the same level as the front line.” said Kevin Huggard, Innovation Hub Lead, Ashling Partners

On Tuesday, February 18, leaders of RPA, Hyperautomation, and Process improvement initiatives, including leaders from Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain, Procurement, HR, IT, including representatives from La-Z-Boy, Cushman Wakefield, NSK Corporation, K2 and UiPath will gather to discuss how intelligent automation can be orchestrated to provide end-to-end process efficiency and put your business into hyperspeed. Visit Orchestrating Hyperautomation.


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