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Innovation in Manufacturing

The Manufacturing industry has always looked for better, faster and cheaper methods for building the materials that they create. These processes are a constant focus of improvement and are extremely efficient. The non-manufacturing side of the house has historically not had the same focus.

The Intelligent Automation Innovation Hub for manufacturing is designed to provide a collaborative location with access to technology and business process experts for manufacturing organizations to better understand the art of the possible. The Hub assists organizations in preparing for the future of work around automation, AI and Machine Learning.

Through workshops, process intake and prioritization sessions and walk-through of use cases, the HUB will accelerate the time to value and ensure the manufacturing organization can sustain the success going forward. The sessions available at the Hub provide both top-down and bottom-up approaches to intelligent automation.

The future of work

Problem solving for tomorrow’s innovations

Challenges in Manufacturing

Prioritizing the main challenges in manufacturing in order to directly target our process improvement efforts


Continued demand for operational cost reductions

Manufacturers have always operated lean, but they now need to innovate to survive. In order to fund large R&D projects, smaller budgets are available for process investments.


Secondary focus on support operations

Because the previous focus has primarily been on the manufacturing process, many groups are left using outdated legacy systems with no path to modernize. Manual processes have been added and extended in order to get the job done.


Pressure from government to provide data

As a result of recalls and traceability requirements, manufacturing companies must produce accurate information reports without increasing operational costs. This reporting comes from outdated systems and antiquated processes, which leads to more manual work.

Manufacturing News

Industry news, breakthroughs, and breakdowns. How process automation plays a role in the future of your work.

Community Education

Designing the future of work together.

Stay informed with the rapid innovation taking place in your industry. We will keep you informed on the latest opportunities and challenges in harnessing intelligent automation to survive and thrive into the automated digital future.
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Tailored Company Workshops

Company-specific leadership and ideation workshops

State of Intelligent Automation for Business Leaders

Quarterly executive leadership summits, best practice benchmarking & peer networking

Developer training sessions

retraining of knowledge workers to develop low complexity automations

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Demystifying Process Intelligence

June 15 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Leveraging Process Intelligence Understanding your process is key to finding ways to improve it.  And there is a growing number of process intelligence tools that can help organizations better understand their processes beyond interviewing stakeholders.  Learn from Ashling Partners and UiPath on how and when to leverage the different options within Process Intelligence including process mining and task mining.  Learn to lead your continuous improvement efforts with a data-driven approach.Virtual Event SpeakersGeorge Hrawi Senior Pre Sales Consultant and RPA enthusiast,…

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Putting automation innovation into action to deliver topline results

Streamlining PLM


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