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Hyperautomation will be the most significant productivity capability over the next decade. And the technologies are changing fast. Those that gleam insights and view this as a continuous improvement effort for productivity and efficiency gains will survive well into the digital, automation first era. Those that gleam insights and have the courage to change business processes, business models, and the organizational mindset of their people with every turn of the wheel will thrive.

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About the Innovation Hub

Intelligent automation is extending across a wider range of technologies and processes to increasingly automate processes and augment humans. The Intelligent Automation Innovation Hub was formed to drive new, innovative ideas in the area of process automation and process improvement to specific industries and organizations. The Innovation Hub brings the “art of the possible” to organizations and helps them better understand how to identify use cases, prioritize those use cases based on business objectives and how to create and sustain an automation center of excellence. Companies can leverage the hub to discover or create innovative technology solutions to help them in a variety of ways, such as competing in a new market, acquiring customers at lower costs, or developing new tools to do work more efficiently. This Hub is specifically focused on solving business goals and objectives via process automation in specific industries.


Why The Innovation Hub?

The Ashling Partners Intelligent Automaton Innovation Hub is a great way to collaborate, learn fast and increase speed to value. We provide a ‘safe’ space for people and companies to experiment, make mistakes and explore new ideas. In order for companies to meet growth targets, continue growing and not be left behind by rapidly changing technology and environments, they often look to a community that can provide resources and concepts to challenge the status quo. Our Intelligent Automaton Innovation Hub is the perfect platform to help accelerate your ideas, provide that sense of community and allow for increased focus on innovation.

Recent Hub News

Ashling Launches Innovation Hub

Ashling Partners has launched their intelligent automation innovation hub concept for manufacturers. Ashling partners has brought on industry and technology veterans to help companies and the community to ideate, discover, analyze, design, automate, and measure intelligent process automation opportunities and challenges. Kevin Huggard will be leading the Manufacturing concept effort for Ashling along with board advisory from Dan Mahlebashian. Key sponsors of the hub concept for manufacturers includes UiPath, the #1 RPA platform. Read more here.

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Designing the future of work together

Community Education

Ashling Partners and our partner organizations are committed to supporting the community in topics around the future of work. This includes training and discussion around how automation will impact the future of work and how to be educated and prepared for process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Stay informed with the rapid innovation taking place in your industry. We will keep you informed on the latest opportunities and challenges in harnessing intelligent automation to survive and thrive into the automated digital future.

Tailored Company Workshops

Company-specific leadership and ideation workshops

State of Intelligent Automation for Business Leaders

Quarterly executive leadership summits, best practice benchmarking & peer networking

Developer training sessions

retraining of knowledge workers to develop low complexity automations
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