Leveraging Test Suite in Your Automation Program and Beyond

by | Nov 20, 2020

UiPath – Leveraging Test Suite in Your Automation Program and Beyond

UiPath Test Suite combines the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology with best-of-breed testing capabilities to sustainably accelerate scaling through proactive testing, cross-enterprise collaboration, and a consistent approach to create and deploy automations.  Test Suite benefits practitioners who create automations and stakeholders who depend on automations, including transformation leaders, business users, customers, and partners.  Join Ashling Partners and UiPath for an in depth look at how UiPath Test Suite can help your organization on their Automation Journey!

Virtual Event Speakers:

Evan Bruns, Senior Presales Engineer at UiPath Evan has worked at UiPath for two years, and is currently the Test Suite SME for the West Coast. Before joining UiPath, he worked as a software implementer, working closely with an automated test team.

matt holitza

Matt Holitza, Product Marketing Lead, UiPath Test Suite Matt Holitza has worked at UiPath for two years and is currently the global Test Suite marketing lead. Matt spent the first ten years of his career as a manager of a test automation team.

Kevin Huggard, Vice President of Intelligent Automation at Ashling Partners. Kevin has worked at Ashling Partners for two years and is currently Principal Solutions Architect for global clients. Before joining Ashling Partners, Kevin lead process optimization and automation teams for the last fifteen years in staffing, banking, and manufacturing industries.

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