Leveraging Hyperautomation to Accelerate Omnichannel in P&C Insurance

About the Event

P&C insurance represents $1.6 trillion in premiums (about one-third of the insurance industry) and is yet to be disrupted. In a study performed by McKinsey in 2020 on the state of P&C insurance, “cost reduction and efficiency gains” is listed as one of the top six forces that will shape the industry in the years ahead.

While other industries, such as automotive and telecommunications, have reduced unit costs by more than 50% over the past 15 years, administrative cost-per-policy for the P&C industry in mature markets has remained unchanged or even increased.  

Event Details

Date: December 7th, 2021

Time: 12:00 PM CST

Location: Zoom Webinar 

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During This Event You Will Learn: 

How intelligent automation (IA) can be leveraged to improve end-to-end experiences and productivity of the P&C insurance staff by automating repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus on activities that add value to the organization. 

  • Gain insight into the role of intelligent automation in the insurance industry 
  • Hear the challenges and pain points of the current state of P&C and the processes ripe for automation within the P&C insurance industry 
  • Obtain a glance at ways to automate your contact center and reduce average handle time 

Event Speakers

Sushma Anaparthi

Vice President of  Intelligent Process Automation at Ashling Partners



Brad Beumer

Cx and Contact Center Lead of Americas at UiPath

Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman

Global Leader at UiPath

Ellen Sasson

Vice President of Growth at Ashling Partners 

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