Higher Education Automation Webinar

University leadership increasingly finds itself facing two seemingly contradictory forces: pressure to continuously increase the value provided to students, alumni, and faculty while at the same time maintaining the institution’s financial stability. Higher education is looking to hyper automation to address these headwinds and thrive in an era where harnessing automation is critical.

Join this webinar to learn about how technologies like RPA, OCR, and NLP are changing the game for leading institutions.  Learn how to ride the hyper automation wave to the next era.

Ideal roles for this webinar:  Leaders at public or private higher education institutions within Finance & Accounting, IT, HR, Investments, Endowments, Admissions, or R&D.

About Kyle Kain: Improving business process efficiency via content intelligence, rpa, intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence. Kyle Kain leverages his past experience in implementing financials ERP solutions to streamline, improve, and automate his client’s business processes. Kyle is able to take a holistic approach to working with client’s across multiple industries to identify and document their current state business processes, prioritize those with the most potential for automation, and establish a Center of Excellence.

Richard Forrester, Notre Dam

Richard Forrester, CPA, Assistant Controller Accounting Operations, University of Notre Dame

Kyle Kain Ashling Partners

Kyle Kain, Director, Ashling Partners

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