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Title: Reaching & Looking Beyond the Workforce Tipping Point

Tuesday, Oct 05, 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM PDT 

Location: Inspiration Theater, Tower 1 Ballroom


Brandi Corbello

VP, Transformation at Cushman & Wakefield

Marshall Sied

Co-Founder of Ashling Partners


Aligning an automation vision with practical execution is the key to successful intelligent automation programs.  Hear from Brandi Corbello VP, Transformation at Cushman and Wakefield in how they established, scaled, and evolved their automation program from the transformation office.  This fireside chat, moderated by Marshall Sied at Ashling Partners, will detail the Cushman & Wakefield automation journey beginning with the establishment of the value metrics needed to create engagement in the executive suite.  

The refinement of the automation roadmap and delivery methodology across the people, standards, and technologies will also be discussed.  The most critical element of any transformation effort should be the people impacted.  The forward-looking vision on the skills of the future needed will also be highlighted as upskilling and reskilling will be needed in the competitive talent environment that we are currently in and how we can work towards having an optimal and collaborative workforce across digital and people that takes organizations to what’s next.  

Title: Measure the Value of Your Automation Deployment

Wed Oct 06, 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM PDT 

Location: How-To Theater / Raphael


Brian Barrett

Managing Director, Ashling Partners

Christopher Draven

Manager, Automation, Blue KC


Are you measuring all the value your CoE creates? 

In this information-packed session from Blue KC, Ashling Partners, and UiPath, you’ll gain access to the UiPath Automation Scaling Toolbox—a new suite of value calculation and benchmarking resources that includes a free use case repository, benchmarking tools, value calculators, deployment frameworks, and more.  

The promise of huge savings in FTE costs drives companies to RPA, but how do you get to benefit realization? You’ll learn how to stop finance from deflating your wins with Christopher Draven, Manager of Automation at Blue KC. 

And finally, get insight into best practices from Ashling Partners on quantifying expected value, simplifying process identification, measuring and communicating value, and going enterprise-wide with your program.

Greta Peterman

Senior Director, Value Engineering,

Jay Snyder


Title: 30 Features in 30 Minutes

Wed Oct 06, 5:00 PM – 5:30 PDT

Location: Innovation Theater , Grand Ballroom


The 2021.10 release is jam-packed with new capabilities that will power your automation program to new heights. No slides, no safety nets, just 30 new features shown live in 30 minutes.

Alp Uguray

Digital Transformation 

Ashling Partners 

Craig Dewar

Sr Director Product Marketing

Title: Purpose-Led Automations: Looking Beyond Efficiency

Wed Oct 06, 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM PDT 

Location: Inspiration Theater / Tower Ballroom

Jeff Hatfield

VP Intelligent Healthcare Automation, Ashling Health


Tom Cattel

Vice President Revenue Cycle Integrations
Centria Healthcare


Organizations driven by a purpose that transcends products and services outperform their competition in customer loyalty and employee engagement, which ultimately leads to greater long-term revenue.

According to the CDC, about one in 54 U.S. children have an autism diagnosis. Join Centria Healthcare and Ashling Partners as they discuss how automation is reducing autism treatment costs and helping children acquire the skills to reach their full potential.

Join Our Roundtables

Jeff Hatfield

Scaling Healthcare Intelligent Automation Beyond the Back Office

October 5th

Time: 1:00 – 2:30  PM PDT 

Location: Inspiration Theater, Tower 1 Ballroom

Host: Jeff Hatfield, VP – Intelligent Healthcare Automation at Ashling Partners

The clinical and patient care portions of healthcare have been vastly underserved by automation.  This roundtable focuses on new and innovative opportunities to leverage the full UiPath platform in critical areas such as care management, patient quality, OR operations, clinician support and others. 

Defining and Delivering Value Through Hyperautomation

October 5th

Time: 1:00 – 2:30  PM PDT

Location: Inspiration Theater, Tower 1 Ballroom

Host: Brian Barrett, Managing Director at Ashling Partners

The overall success and longevity of an automation program is predicated upon its ability to identify, track, and communicate the potential and realized value of the processes that are automated.  As part of this roundtable, we will discuss examples of how each of us have been successful in measuring value, scaling our automation programs, or aligning the COE strategy and vision with corporate objectives. Coming out of the roundtable, participants should leave with real-life examples of how organizations are finding success scaling their programs as well communicating the value derived from their programs.


Real-Life Citizen Development Success

October 5th

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT 

Location: Bellagio Ballroom

Host: Clinton Coker, Principal at Machina Automation

Along with our client, Steve Norman of Hunt Military Communities, we will discuss a real-life case study in the implementation of a successful citizen development program. We will share with you a model for citizen development success inclusive of COE, mentoring, and educational support, helping you to ensure you meet the goals of your citizen developer program.


Strategies for ensuring production automations are driving business outcomes and using analytics to prove it

October 6th

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT

Location: Bellagio Ballroom

Host: Charlie Jacoby, Managing Director at Ashling Partners

 With the ever increasing number of production automations/digital workers it is more important than ever to ensure that they are driving the business outcomes that were expected when the business case was created and the opportunity scoped and prioritized. This roundtable will encourage discussion on key techniques being used to accomplish that. An additional goal of this session will be to discuss how analytics can help clearly show those outcomes as well as the health and capacity of the digital team.

Engage Employees, Avoid Common Digital Transformation Change Management (DTCM) Traps, and Utilize Best Practices

October 6th

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT

Location: Bellagio Ballroom

Host: James Wilson, Advisory, Finance & Accounting at Ashling Partners

Only one-third of change initiatives succeed. That’s a staggering statistic and even more intimidating in the midst of accelerated digital transformation. Executive level support is a must for hyperautomation programs, but implementation planning is shifting to the employee providing empowerment in execution. During this roundtable, we’ll discuss recent digital transformation successes, failures, the dollar impact, and share best practices. You will take away a new way to engage with employees with the utilization of DTCM.


Turnkey Hosted UiPath

October 6th

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT

Location: Bellagio Ballroom

Host: Doug Wendler, General Manager at Machina Automation

We’ll discuss a unique and cost-effective approach to UiPath deployment, inclusive of hardware, software, reusable components/IP, connectivity, training, support, and governance. This approach affords you the benefits of intelligent automation that is cost effective, instantly available, contracted on a simple, subscription basis, inclusive of best of breed security & compliance, and everything you need from start to finish.



Join Jeff Hatfield of Ashling Partners and Jason Warrelmann of UiPath, on Monday afternoon, October 4th, during the Healthcare Summit at FORWARD IV to learn about CIAC (Clinical Intelligent Automation Council), and hear as they dive into the latest solution updates from the council. 


The CIAC solution session is open to anyone interested in the healthcare industry who wants to learn more about clinical intelligent automation solutions, and be a part in moving the needle in healthcare.


Healthcare Summit:

Time: 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM PDT

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