Automation Center of Excellence: A Powerful Lever to Expedite Your Hyperautomation Journey

About The Event

COVID-19 is accelerating automation across multiple industries such as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, banking, retail etc. and digital adoption had taken a leap at both the organizational and industry levels. Organizations are relying on hyperautomation to automate business, IT processes to drive operational efficiencies and improve employee, customer engagement.

 Business and IT leaders understand the necessity of automated processes with more organizations creating fully automated value chains. However, the ones that focus on “how they do it” builds a competitive edge. Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) provides direction and vision for the organization’s Automation program. Although this term may be relatively new, forward-thinking organizations have already leveraged CoE model to transform the way they operate. During this session, we will learn more about the role of automation CoE, challenges in scaling the CoE and management of the automation lifecycle to advance the organization’s automation journey.

Event Details

Date: January 13th, 2022

Time:  10:00 AM CST

Location: Zoom Webinar 

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During this event you will learn: 

  • Insights on how automation CoE provides direction and vision for organization’s automation program
  • Hear from industry leaders on key hurdles in implementing, scaling automation CoE and how to overcome them
  • How investing in automation lifecycle management early on can help drive productivity, improve customer service, ensure regulatory compliance, and increase speed to market

Speaker Spotlights

David Knea

Vice President at Ashling Partners

Charlie Jacoby

Managing Director at Ashling Partners

Sushma Anaparthi

Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation at Ashling Partners



Brian Barrett

Managing Director at Ashling Partners

James Wilson

Advisory, Finance & Accounting at Ashling Partners

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