Intelligent Automation Talent Growth and Evolution

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Automation, Future of Work, Intelligent Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The intelligent automation industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate.  This proposes a challenge for internal talent teams to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and releases and also difficult when looking to make full-time hires with enough software engineering and business process experience to drive scale.  Intelligent Automation software platforms in areas such as Robotic Process Automation continue to simplify the user experience with a business user in mind.  Software companies are beginning to evangelize the concept that anyone can become technical and provide free online training and certifications to proliferate use. 

In times like these, it important that individuals continue to expand their skillset and take additional course work to enhance their marketability.  Free software training is a great way to upskill and provide new career path opportunities.  The influx of free certifications, on the flip side, has proposed a challenge to recruiters and organizations looking to hire.  The market is becoming saturated with individuals who are certified but may not have experience applying that technology to solve real-world business problems or create enterprise-grade solutions.  As someone that actively hires for intelligent automation across both business and technical roles, it has become even more important to have a strong recruiting process along with detailed soft skill and technical vetting to ensure we hire the right long-term fit. 

The Ashling Way

When hiring for technical roles, we at Ashling Partners have found that we need to have a healthy balance between emerging talent with a few years of technical experience with a passion to learn intelligent automation while also hiring advanced, experienced automation developers who have experience driving large scale, complex developments.  In addition to leveraging free training provided by our software partners, we also have found the need to curate our own learning paths along with mentorship and rotational programs to bring emerging talent up to speed quickly.  We also ensure rigor around best practices for consistency in development for all team members including seasoned veterans who may have learned other development techniques.

At Ashling Partners, we have had the privilege of 211% growth in team member growth over the last year and 600% growth over the last 24 months.  To support this growth, we have formed towers of excellence such as core RPA, process mining, machine learning, and intelligent data capture along with professional career development paths that we know will equate to success.  We have hired a variety of backgrounds, years of experience, and expertise.   We have also been fortunate to hire team members from leading organizations with enterprise- scaled automation programs such as Walmart, UnitedHealth Group, CVS, Kraft Heinz, Comerica and 3M.   Because of this, we have been able to evolve our standards, integrate lessons learned, and continue to refine our methodologies. 

Selecting, recruiting, onboarding, and developing talent in any industry can be difficult.  With the rapid adoption and market demand for intelligent automation capabilities, this task can be even more difficult.  It is important to have a definition of a successful candidate by role and culture.  It is even more important to keep that talent engaged and fulfilled after they join your organization.  My recommendation is to always document the process around the skillset mix that has been working while also testing other backgrounds out as the market continues to evolve.

Ashling Partners strives to be the #1 Place to Work for Intelligent Automation industry talent.  We make it our mission to hire a diverse workforce and maintain a culture that spurs innovation and provides career advancement.  We are always in the market for leading talent in the following areas: Business Analysts, Robotic Process Automation Developers, Process Mining Consultants, Intelligent Data Capture Developers, Machine Learning-Data Scientists, and Sales Leaders.  If you would like to learn more, please visit us at the Ashling Partners’ Careers Page.

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