Automation in Times of Crisis: A Brief Story of Impact

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Future of Work, Governance & Standards, Intelligent Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In 2019, automating inventory management processes for a medical supply manufacturer and distributor was seen as an easy win. Decreased processing time and increased fill rate made these projects successful from the jump. In 2020, these same processes don’t just help the bottom line, they are directly helping our healthcare workers’ ongoing battle against COVID-19.

As one could imagine, the volume of orders placed from healthcare providers to medical suppliers during this time is massive. But with RPA, this volume is not overwhelming. Managers have the flexibility to allocate their robot workforce across their business processes any way they see fit. A certain process to fulfill backorders saw a rise in volume over twenty times what it saw a month before. Without the aid of automating inventory management, it would be easy to drown under these circumstances. But with RPA, the solution is simple – allocate bots away from less-pressing needs towards urgent ones in order to match demand.

One key aspect of our development strategy at Ashling Partners is to provide clients with highly scalable solutions. Our automations are built such that any number of bots can be running simultaneously on a single process without interference. We give clients the power and autonomy to meet their obligations in times of urgency.

The era of the quarantine is automation’s time to shine. With organizations’ workforces spread geographically outside of the office, the need for a robot workforce has never been greater. Automation means productivity and efficiency remains unchanged in a pandemic. RPA allows businesses to not only keep the lights on and maintain status quo in a crisis, but it allows businesses to be flexible enough to match surging needs across the organization, immediately. Technology has gotten a bit of a bad reputation in recent years, but today, it is helping humans solve human problems.

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